About Us

Jackson and Hyde. 

The cross streets in San Francisco where Genevieve lived when we met and fell in love.  

Fast forward to our honeymoon in Central America one year later.  We were perusing a local's market in search of a hammock and coffee when we encountered breathtaking clutches.  After deliberating for what seemed like hours in the sweltering heat, Genevieve was able to narrow her selection down to a clutch for each of her bridesmaids and a few keepsakes for herself.

In the following months, the clutches began to take on a life of their own.  Whether we were at the grocery store, at a wedding, wine tasting or out to dinner, Genevieve was flooded with compliments. 

Since then we've worked with our Central American craftsmen to bring you our Jackson and Hyde designs. Our line has evolved from the original Signature Clutch to now include the Crossbody, Mini Hyde, Tote, Glasses Sleeve, Bi-Fold Wallet, Hyde Rug and Cowboy Wallet.

The production facility where Jackson and Hyde pieces are handmade is run by a mother and son duo and has been in business for over 20 years. Their facility is well-lit, clean and lunch is served daily to their team. The cowhides are a bi-product of the Central American food industry and we encourage awareness and sustainability. 

Share your Jackson and Hyde moments with us at hello@jacksonhyde.com or on Instagram @jacksonandhyde with hashtag #myjacksonandhyde.

Genevieve & Ryan